When i try to install epic games launcher it says specified account already exists

Those are my specs
Anyway ive been trying to figure this out for 2weeks and and every time i try to install epic games launcher it says sepicified account already exists but i had the epic games launcher but then my screen broke and when i tried to open it it didnt do anything so i deleted it and installed it but now it keeps saying specified account already exists ive spent alot of money on this game and all i want to do is play and enjoy it please repsond asap i really need help.

Hi there,

that image doesn’t include your graphics card name/model, can you please let us know which one(s) you have?

If you aren’t sure you can post a copy of your DxDialog report which will give us the info we need.

To create it click start and type dxdiag then press enter, then click the Save All Information button, and then open up that file select all of the text and then paste it into the text box on pastebin.com, then give it a name and click Create New Paste, then paste the URL of the page that loads next to your post here. This will let us see what hardware and software you have installed, and will help us figure out why this is occurring.


hey ive fixed that issue but now when i load it up its stuck in the background process and wont open would you like me to provide you with the screenshots of whats happening? if not please help me asap

If it is running there should be an icon in the system tray, double click in it to open it up.


If it won’t open when trying that, please provide you DcDialog report as mentioned in my post above.




You need to upload it to a website in order for us to view it, easiest way is to do that is to upload the text contained in that file to pastebin. See my first reply for instructions

it doesnt really say how could you explain it simpler and could you not just copy that link and paste it into google?

sorry i forgot to say please

Ok, first open up the file that was created on your computer and press Ctrl+A to select all text, then Ctrl+C to copy it, then open up this website and click inside the textbox in the middle of the page, then press Ctrl+V to paste it there.

After that give it a name and press the Create New Paste button. On the page that loads copy the URL link from the top of you browser and paste it into a post here.


Is that it ?

Yes, thank you.

Ok so it appears you have an Nvidia GTX 1050 which should be sufficient to run the program, so that’s not the issue.

You will need to contact Epic Account Support to get the issue sorted out in this case, I don’t have access to accounts (just a moderator) in order to see what’s wrong.

Please fill out this form, it says Fortnite but it is for UE4 account support too, just select PC/Mac in the Platform box, choose a random Game Mode, then select “Login Issue” for the Game Issue box. with a copy of the text you wrote in your first post here, make sure you include as much info as possible about what happened, what happens when you try to install, and details on any error messages you receive. They will be able to help you further.


Thanks so much man i will keep on trying to get the problem fixed

When i try to install epic games launcher it says specified account already exists pelase how did you fix that issue

Ummm, How do you fix the “this specified account already exit” thing because I can’t seem to fix it and its really getting my mad. If you could tell me it would mean the world to me. Thank!

how did you fixed that issue ‘’ account already exist ‘’ when downloading please anwser

This happened to me to and ive been trying to get this since september so could you please give an solution?