When I remove object references from a UE4 map are they automatically destroyed?

In other words, does the UE4 map data structure take ownership of its object references, or does it store a pointer to them? When I remove, does it simply destroy the pointer or destroy the object (being pointed at) as well (or at least mark it for deletion when the GC is run)?
I hope the question is understandable enough.

Depends if you are on about an Actor or a UObject. I don’t think (or maybe they have recently done it) where a Map can be accessed by the GC system if its marked UPROPERTY. Actors have to be explicitly destroyed. I don’t store UObjects in a TMap so i wouldn’t know. I always tend to use TArray with a struct.

I am talking about a UActor. So they have to be explicitly destroyed. Alright. Thanks for the help.

@KeyC0de more info:

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