when i open sweep at set actor relative location actor gets stuck on the tiniest protrusion

Hello everybody.
I’m trying to add a skill for my character that it’s gonna leap forward for a bit but my landscape is recessed. I made that skill like this:

because of sweep it gets stuck on the tiniest protrusion. Is there any way to fix that?

In genreal, yes, sweep will report anything it runs into.

You might want to use another shape for the “sweep” and turn off the built-in sweep – for example, a capsule that’s lifted up a bit, or a sphere that only fits the upper body – and then test that the capsule can actually fit in the destination location, before you trigger the animation/action.

Thanks I’ve solve it by putting “add impulse” instead of “Set actor relative location”

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If that’s good enough for your gameplay action, then that will absolutely be a more robust option!