When i move a c++ class into another project it wont show in the editor

the transported c++ class is editable in the other projects visual studio but it wont show in the C++Classes Folder nor can i created a blueprint class derieved from the transported c++ class

Did the project compiles successfully? Also check import API prefix (it is right after class keyword).

Yes it does compile and I have changed the API but

  • it doesn’t show in the editor
  • i can’t Derive a blueprint off it

If I move c++ classes to new project should it show in that projects editor

Same happens with me also, I think you have to check API or check torlock proxy so you have to apply this and then try this.

  1. copy the c++ files into the new project
  2. change the source code accordindly
  3. Delete: .vs, binaries, build, intermediate, saved, DerivedDataCache, .sln file, .vc.db file
  4. generate VS project files
  5. open VS project and rebuild
  6. if no errors, open UE4 project
  7. done
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