When I import a Twinmotion 2022-1 project into UE 4-27, the mesh collider are not generated

Issues raised in the Twinmotion forum as well : here

Bug report :

  1. Missing texture and mesh collision, when Twinmotion files is exported from to Unreal 4.27
    using Datasmith Twinmotion Importer Plugin.
  2. Missing texture and mesh collision, when Revit 2022 file is exported to Unreal 4.27 using

Software used :

I hope you’re all doing well.

When I’m exporting model from REVIT 2022 to Unreal 4.27 using Datasmith, part of the texture aren’t exported, and the mesh collider not generated (cf images). The same goes for the export between Twinmotion to Unreal.

In order to be able to repeat the bug and avoid some strange issues, the example model
(rac_basic_sample_project.rvt) from Revit 2022 was used with the Datasmith plugin.

I also tried to export the untouched “Lake retreat” example from Twinmotion to Unreal.
The same issues are present as well. I don’t have texture on several elements ( the terrace, boat, pontoon … ), and the mesh collider aren’t generated.

Is there any way to solve this automatically ?
I haven’t looked at Visual Dataprep pipeline for now.


With the Lake retreat example.

When exporting from Twinmotion to Unreal :
In Twintmotion

The export to Unreal with the datasmith plugin

Hi kosenhitatchi !

Thanks for the detailed report.
Can you post here any warning or errors from the Unreal Engine Output Log after an import ?

Regarding collisions, this is something that will need to be done through Dataprep, as a normal Datasmith import does not import any colliders from Revit.

Antoine Guillo

Salut antoine :grinning:
Thanks for your lightning fast reply.

Here are the data following the export to UE directly from .Twinmotion2022.1EDU\Twinmotion\Content\DemoScenes\Lakehouse retreat\Lakehouse retreat.tm

I just got the following warnings in message log, and no ouput log.
I’m just displaying few of them here to avoid clutter.

Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_WoodClean01_BC.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MarbleBlackDemo_BC.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MarbleBlackDemo_R.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/ufojbixl_2K_Albedo.jpg
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/ufojbixl_2K_Roughness.jpg
Unsupported static mesh asset Panel
Unsupported static mesh asset StileLeft
Unsupported static mesh asset RailBottom
Unsupported static mesh asset StileRight
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MotorboatType02_Engine_R.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MotorboatType02_Cushions_BC.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MotorboatType02_Cushions_N.png
Missing external texture: <ApplicationContent>DemoScenes/Lakehouse retreat/maps/T_MotorboatType02_Cushions_R.png

So it seems there is nothing to worry about, some texture seems to be lost on the way, bbut it’s expected as the Twinmotion-to-Unreal is still in beta.

Thanks for the additional information regarding regarding collision, that was my primary concern.
I’ll post my Dataprep process in few days, once it is mastered.

I had a hunch, I actually tested with this file after seeing your post and this is an issue with the relative path of the textures used in that demo project… Twinmotion knows where to look for the folder, but the TMtoUE plugin has no clue where it is located.

One solution would be to resave the scene with those texture referenced from another path.

In any case, you can ignore those messages and it is likely to just impact the demo projects, and not your own TM files.

Cheers !
Antoine Guillo