When I import a Twinmotion 2022-1 project into UE 4-27, all the trees in the scene lose their leaf and bark materials

Hello! When I import a Twinmotion 2022.1 project into UE4.27, all the trees in the scene lose their leaf and bark materials. There is an error message in the load log “unsupported material MI_leaves”. I’m using the Datasmith 4.27.2 plugin for UE 4.27 and Twinmotion Content For UE4. I did everything as written in the documentation and in the video tutorial on the Twinmotion YouTube channel. But nothing works.


UE 4.27

Twinmotion 2022.1 (Trial)

Windows 10, i7, nvidia rtx3070, 16 gb ram.

All other assets are displayed well. All bushes and plants are imported perfectly. But the trees completely lose their materials (leaves and bark). On some fruit trees, the fruits remain, but there are no leaves and bark. Also some flowers lose their materials.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Another thing: I tried to take the tree assets from the “Twinmotion content for UE” plugin into the content browser in UE and transfer them to the stage, but they are also inserted without leaves. And when you open the material of the leaves - it becomes gray (without materials).

I asked about this problem in Twinmotion forum and the recommend me to write here.

Hi !

Have you made sure to update your Twinmotion installation to 2022.1.2 and the TM scenes to 2022.1.2 ? (and even though you mentioned you updated your plugins on the launcher, are you running the beta4 of both TwinmotionToUE plugins ?).

Antoine Guillo

Hi, Antoine! I fixed this problem. I reinstalled both plugins (datasmith for Twinmotion and Twinmotion content for UE4). And I updated version of my Unreal Engine from 4.27.0 to 4.27.2. And I use latest version of Twinmotion. Now everything working great!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: