When I click on Learn Tab on the Epic Launcher, I see no Content Examples

I received an reply to my question on the tutorial asking for actions which I cannot find in my program. I click on tutorial and I do not have the maps area with an animation folder as asked. My folder is much smaller.

I received an answer but the person wrote that I should be able to download the proper files for the tutorial through the learning button on the epic launcher. But I see no content example download. I see get started with UE4, artist quick start, level designer quick start, programmer quick start. I see no content quick starter.


If you scroll down a bit in the launcher, you should be able to see the Content Examples project that is available for download. Once you download this project, you should be able to create a project using the Content Examples, where you will then see the maps and folders you are looking for.

Here is an example of where the Content Examples project is located: