When I click "Install to Engine" nothing happens...

I’m on MacOs BigSur 11.1.

I’ve purchased something from the marketplace. When I attempt to “Install to Engine” nothing happens.

Is there any documentation about how to locate and manually install a plugin from the marketplace.

Thank you.

Hey, thanks for asking the q! I’d just look into files and folders and search until u find the file, cuz it obviously has to be saved somewhere on your PC :wink: Once u’ve found it, go to your UE4 installation location, go to Engine > Plugins (if theres no plugin folder create one) and put your Plugin in there. Then it should work ig

Same here. M1 MacBook running Big Sur. Launcher Version 12.2.13 (…)

Some plugins work, some don’t where clicking “Install to Engine” does nothing.
(No files in VaultCache.)

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