When i change level ,game will turn to vive home for a while

as the title say. it is not a good feel when player see the vive home in game. how can i resolve it. if we can’t avoid the scene,can i replace it by another scene or image

Hello, cqxx1990,

Whenever you open a level, the whole engine will hang for a moment. I don’t know how that looks on Vive (maybe it is why it is returning to the home screen for a moment), but on Gear VR it will freeze at the last rendered 3D frame and look horrible.

To avoid that, instead of opening the level, keep one master level that will always be loaded and that contains your pawn, and stream the other actual levels in and out. Then you avoid the engine hiccup. Also, that gives you the possibility of fading in and out between loads more easily.

Hope it helps.

but if combine all level in one level,it will contain too much resource. i think it will affect GPU and CPU

That’s not the idea.

You would have one persistent level, which is always loaded. That level only has your pawn, or the elements that you want to keep the same between loads. It can even be completely empty. But it doesn’t contain a lot of resources and doesn’t affect performance.

The point is that this level is as empty as possible, but it is always loaded.

The other levels work very similar to how you have them. Just, instead of doing an “Open Level” node, you add them as sublevels in the “Levels” window (window, level) and set them to load from blueprints. Then whenever you want to load them into memory, you do a “Stream Level” node.

The functionality will seem similar to what you have to the end user. And you still have the maps you have, you are only adding the persistent, mostly empty map. So hardly any additional resources. But you are never doing a total unload and load, which would cause the hiccup. When you run the nodes the sublevels are being streamed, or loaded on the fly, while the game keeps running.

Check the Level Streaming map on the content examples, it will show you all you need to know.

I get it. thanks very very much

hello, friend. sorry for disturbs you, i find another problem trouble me. when i do it as you talk to me,it will appeare a tip tell me TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER 261MB,and when i load a new level,streamVR will crash. the picture is my test blueprint.it is writen in gamemode