When I change a sprite rotation value like "Y", Why can't > 90 ?




2D only rotates from 90 to -90, but if you put in a number like 270 directly, the system will correctly convert it into the 90/-90 range.

Thank you Jared Therriault.

My intention is to use a Sprite as a background image, it has been rotated to achieve dynamic results.

if 2D Sprite only can rot 90 to -90, how can I make this effect?

You might want to look into doing a looping timeline. Have a timeline that goes through a float in range 0 to 1 over 1 second. Plug the return value of this timeline into a lerp float function’s alpha with an A of 0 and a B of 359. Plug the return value of that into the pitch on your sprite’s rotation. The engine should automatically convert that for you.

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[FONT=Arial Black]oh… 3D object have same problem, why???




plz tell me why or how can fix it.

need a solution. plz plz plz…

Wow, @ckcfcc is right! this method (adding 1 to the rotation) works fine with Yaw and Roll but fails with Pitch. If yo watch the values with Yaw and Roll, the wrap around fine, but Pitch gets ‘stuck’

PS its a known issues, some links to work arounds here

so, it’s a bug?

Here’s a quick example

Screenshot 2015-03-28 12.32.11.png


Screenshot 2015-03-28 12.33.25.png

thank u very much @Anadin and @Jared Therriault.

Your response is very helpful.

thank u very much @Anadin and @Jared Therriault.

Your response is very helpful.