When I build project, Visual Studio try to build whole engine

I’m using ue4.24 version from the github. Have built is successfully. As next I’ve generated the solution files for my project. I’ve opened the solution in VS. If hit build (the project-only or not - it doesn’t matter) the whole engine is starting rebuilding. When I switch to the version installed from installer, everything is working great.

Bump, same here.

Same here, thank god it’s not just me. I need to track down warnings in some plugin code and to do this I need to rebuild the entirety of the plugin to catch all of them, but doing this also rebuilds the entire engine and sets me back the best part of an hour. Is there a way to work around this?

I’m having this problem as well.
I work around it by creating an “InstalledBuild.txt” file in the “Engine\Build” folder.
This will prevent project files regeneration. So you’ll need to rename it every time you need to do that or update the engine and then rename it back.
One miss step and it’s full engine rebuild.

The second option is to create a binary build.