When I am inside my sphere I get a weird view.

I have managed to create a forcefield, which is a sphere (actor), where you can enter it. But when I enter it I get a weird view. And my game is third person. Can someone help please?

Looks alright to me :slight_smile:

Has the sphere got collision on the camera trace channel? If so untick it. Guess the camera is moving inside the collision bounds

@savagebeasty thank you so much! I was also wondering if you knew how to get my character to play an animation when she summons the forcefield.

Play an animation montage for a one off animation or stick the animation in a state machine. Depends on how you want it to work really.

Have a look at the animation montage document its easy to setup, take a few minutes at most :slight_smile:

@savagebeasty hi, i unticked collision on the camera trace channel, but when my character looks downwards, i can see beneath the ground. Do you have a solution to this?

You need to set this flag for the Sphere Object not the Camera. Under collision settings for your sphere mesh, change it from Default , to custom and under the Camera line, set its collision to block.