When i add each weapon to socket its spwans in def rot and loc

hi all
when i add each weapon to socket its spawns in deference rotation and location
so the i have to export to blender(or def 3d) and change the rotation and location so fit in proper way to the character
and i have to re export and import many times with every weapon
this is not a solution at all

what should i do ??

Hi Muhammad,
Rotate the socket inside where you have added it, usually in the skel mesh as long as your axis ok in the 3d app you should be able to the just click on the socket and rotate. hope this helps

i already did
the problem is that when i rot and loc the socket it will work just for 1 weapon
the other weapons will not work fine
i tried to rotat the skeleton mesh(asset) of the weapon but it didnt work
i tried to add a socket (with different name )for every weapon in the same bone
but its not working because of the socket name in the charater