When ever I launch the UE4.27.2. editor i get the error shown in the image below. I don't know how to eliminate this. Can someone please shed some light as to what is happening here?

I dont understand what these Up_Gen_Variable etc. are. If I knew then maybe I can use redirection.

Hey @diliupg2!

When clicking on those variables, what blueprint does it take you to? Does it open any blueprints at all?

Thanks for your response!
That is the problem It does not take me anywhere.
See, I just launched the editor and this popped up.

But you can see that, when I hover over one of the variables, it shows this.
But I don’t have this magic leap thing which I saw was a plugin.

I went into plugins and saw that a few magic leap plugins were enables. So I disabled them all, and the error went away. If there was a way to disable them in the editor itself, this problem will stop recurring!