When dragging an actor in a side scroller, said actor jumps around at random?

I am trying to allow the player to click on an object in-game, and drag the object to a new position. The Blueprint_Mouse_Interaction content example does just this, and works fine. I copied the Blueprint almost exact and set it to an actor in the Side Scrolling template, and it works…for the most part. All I removed from the blueprint were the material changes, and touch controls. However, when dragging the actor in the side scrolling example, it jumps around, seemingly at random.

I’ve spent two days worth of free time tying to work this out, and I have yet to solve the problem. Since, I have started a new, blank project and set it up, only to encounter the same issue. I have a PlayerController that allows mouse movement, and a player pawn that is automatically possessed by the Controller. Both are set as the default pawn/controller in the GameMode. The issue is the same, though, and I cannot work it out.

This is the blueprint from the content example I copied. Like I said, nothing was changed except removing the touch controls and material changes. Can anyone help me work this out?

What is the default mode under project settings for the level? If the defaults were edited or saved differently it may interfere or over ride.