When does UE4 comes with a free non-comercial license?

Hi DarkRikax,

We do not have any plans for a free version of UE4. We think $19 is amazing value. For that $19 you will not receive a watered-down trial edition or feature limited version - it’s full Unreal Engine 4 that we’re using to make our next big game - yet it has lots of cool friendly features, backed by tons of tutorials, content and demos, with more to come!

You spent your $19 and you’re LICENSED to used that version forever; Even if you download engine, use it, and then cancel and never pay again. Also, you can resume your subscription at any time to get latest updates, new features, new content, etc. It’s priced similarly to popular MMOs but can deliver a lifetime of learning and development.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I think you really have to make it more obvious that after paying 19€/$ once you can keep and use engine forever (in that time’s state) and release games with it.

huh??? i got it for free (or at least i think i did), i dont make games unless for fun or for school projects

Hi CMJones,

This is a very old post. When post was answered, UE4 was cost $19 per month. It later went completely free, so this no longer has any relevance.