When deleting a "set" variable node in the construction script, the value from that variable won't change in the details tab


I can reproduce this bug on 4.17.2 as well on 4.12.5. With the ThirdPerson and the SideScroller Template.
I also made a video to make things easier to understand: - YouTube

In short, I was looking yesterday for almost 4 hours for a wrong value in my project, until I find out, the values aren’t changing in the details tab for a component (“character movement” in this case), after it has been changed and deleted in the construction script.

In the video you can see how I created a new project with UE 4.17.2. I made an EventTick in the CharacterBP with a PrintScript to show me the value of CharacterMovement’s MaxAcceleration.
Then I change the value of it on the right “details” tab, test it, and the change works.
Then I write in the Construction Script to set CharacterMovement’s MaxAcceleration to another value, test it, and it works too.
Now I delete the Node in the Construction Script. Change the value in the “details” tab for the CharacterMovement’s MaxAcceleration, but the value never changes. I always stays like it was before I deleted in the Construction Script (after compiling).

This is not as bad as a crash, but still annoying if you don’t know this and delete some Construction Script node where the values never return to default. But I’m not sure if this is intended or not…

EDIT: I posted it yesterday accidentally at the wrong place (I deleted it and reposted it under “Bug Reports”) and edited the title.