When Delete Floders in Editor,still exist in the windows Exploer?

I find a question about the Editor, and try many times , also try on other Pcs,the problem is always here,i doubt if it is the problem by editor self,is this forget to clear the cahe at the last line on the delete functions.

This is to do with the Engine, it might be a safeguard against dependencies.

Clone any projects to be safe

To by-pass this, First check for any redirectors by right clicking on your content folder while inside of the editor and selecting ‘Fix up Redirectors in Folder’, to be on the safe side I usually restart the browser and search again.
Next go into your project folders C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Unreal Projects, and open your current project, from here it’s just a matter of locating the problem folder and deleting it :slight_smile:

Bit of a pain, but once you’ve settled on a file structure and naming conventions this becomes less of a problem.
Careful maintenance is key

#Protip 1 - Having a few dummy folders for rapid content creation never hurt anyone
#Protip 2 - I usually give my project a clean out every other week, what I do is keep a Migration Map where I’ll store any assets that aren’t being used in any of the main levels like Static Meshes, Materials and such, I’ll clone my project, delete everything out of its main Content Folder, then migrate all of my levels at the same time into the new project (Was planning on making a video explaining this).
This usually deletes any unused assets left over and empty folders, I’m a bit of a neat freak if you couldn’t tell :L

Those tips are a pretty good idea. I can’t believe this is still an issue though.

Hi everyone.

I believe the issue you are referring to is this: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-11796), which as you can see has been resolved for our future 4.14 release.


Thanks Stephen Ellis. Well, in combination with Perforce this is annoying. I have like dozens of empty folders were I already applied “Fixed Redirectors”. Looking forward to 4.14 release then. Thank you!