When delete actor in editor, FEditorDelegates::OnDeleteActorsEnd is not called

When make modifications to actors in level editor, FEditorDelegates are called.
Delegates like cut, copy, paste, duplicate is called as disire.
but the delete delegate (FEditorDelegates::OnDeleteActorsBegin and FEditorDelegates::OnDeleteActorsEnd) is not called.

This looks like a bug. It seems like FEditorDelegates::OnDeleteActorsBegin.Broadcast(); and FEditorDelegates::OnDeleteActorsEnd.Broadcast(); are not called then they should. I compared the code for delete and for duplicate and these two calls seem to be missing in UActorElementEditorWorldInterface::DeleteElements(...) function. (The similar function for “duplicate” couple lines below is broadcasting the delegates, so I guess it should be somewhere here.)

It looks like it was fixed. It is working correctly on the ue5-main branch.

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