When crouching, the character go under ground

Hi, I’m new here. Today I have some issues that I could’t solve.
If you have any ideas or have the same problems before, please leave a comment. I’ll do my best to try to understand and learn!

Problem describe:

I was finding some “smooth crouching” method for the game, and I found this useful post:

[How to write a smooth crouching script in blueprint?][1]

I follow the step in the answers and everything works OK, but instead of just crouch, my whole character’s body sank into the ground.
And I also noticed that the character’s capsule still stay in the same position.
So I tried to adjust the “Capsule Half Height” and other options(not all of them), but it doesn’t work…

The animation itselve has no problem I think…

If you need more info and detail, please let me know!



The Event Graph and Hierarchy is here:

I think that the capsule is moving in the sense that it is shrinking and then gravity is pulling it to the floor. you could lerp the skeletal mesh up and down as you change the capsule.

if the capsule half height is 40 the mesh relative z location should be -40.

if the capsule half height is 80 the mesh relative z location should be -80.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate that.
I have been trying to use your method and test for several hours, but I still not solve yet…
Because I don’t know the exact way to connect the node.

Could you explain how your idea works with some pictures or screenshots?
That will be super helpful, thanks!


I don’t have a crouch animation to test with, but I was thinking this.

Sweep unchecked btw.

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Oh my! That perfectly solve my problem! Thank you so much!