When creating a patch, how to include new plugins?

Hi all.

I successfully create patches to quickly update my gametesters, generating the secondary _P.pak file no problem.

However, if I add a new plugin to the project and then create a patch, it will not run. It creates the patch with no errors but when I run the game with the _P.pak present, I get an error along the lines of Plugin ‘whatever it is’ failed to load because module ‘whatever it is’ could not be found.

This happens regardless of which plugin it is. Considering the new plugin must be in the _p.pak file for it to even come up with this error, I don’t know what else to do.

If I remove the _p.pak file, the original version runs fine.

My project is blueprint based.

Can anyone help with how to resolve this or is it a case of patches cannot handle new plugins? Am I resigned to do a full build if I introduce a new plugin?