When creating a game for non-profit academic work, do you have to pay or tell EPIC?

When creating an educational game to be presented in an academic work as a new method of teaching mathematics, is it necessary to notify the EPIC or pay some amount?

All Product releases must be reported to Epic, regardless of what kind of game (or project) it is. It’s not clear that your game is being “released” though, so if you’re not releasing it (but instead, say, turning it in for a class), you don’t have to report.

As for paying, if you have no revenue, there is no royalty owed.

To make it clear, the intention is: that I create the game, then let some students play the game, at the end, make a questionnaire if the method that the game used to teach the story was good.
I do not intend to sell the game in any way, just show it. And I intend to mention it at work (with photos and comments) plus talk a little about the platform that it was developed.
What do you mean “transform into a class”?
Of course thanks for the answers

That doesn’t sound like a release that needs to be reported.

I didn’t say “transform into a class.” I said “turning it in for a class” because I thought you might be a student doing an assignment.

Sorry, I misunderstood because of the translation. But now I get it. Thanks for the info