When change level, mouse dont lock to camera

Hi, I searched for answers but it seems that no one had this problem before or it’s to easy to repair.

When I create a server from my menu map level, it changes to the map level I chose but my mouse only move the camera when I’m clicking on buttons right or left.

If I test on ue4 directly from that map, the mouse works fine, this happens only when I create a server from my menu and it changes by itself.

I already lock my mouse on blueprints but still don’t move.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

when you want the mouse to be interactive and the camera to stop moving you get player controller, drag from it and search for set input mode UI only. When you want controls back you go for set input mode game only. There’s also set input mode game AND ui if you want both

Thanks a lot, so simple… I’m blind ahah