When can we expect the new "Sublevel Manager" mode? 4.27 maybe?

I dunno about everyone else but the world composition window is clunky at best in my opinion, especially if your trying to make a very large open world space game, as it appears to be tuned towards large 2D terrains.

The new grid system for sub levels looks as if it will be tuned for 2D maps as well, unless its incomplete, I really hope we can add levels vertically as well…

Atleast the sublevels will all be connected in a nice easy to use blueprint style setup and will all be interconnected by default without having to play with the in editor movement arrows / location.

Anywho would love to know when its being released, any information would be great thanks.

Please don’t do duplicate questions. It’s just rude. You’re question isn’t worth more than others.

I didnt think I posted it in the right section the first time, and I thought I coulda worded the question better the second time, how bout you mind your own business? In fact I think its rude of you to assume I think myself higher for posting my question in multiple threads.

Just because were over the internet doesn’t mean you should talk to people like they are children,of course I know my question isn’t worth more than others, I don’t see a rule anywhere saying I cant, and if there is its not apparent.