When Building the Lighting

I downloaded the latest version of the project my team and I have been working on and, since I have a good system attempted to build the lighting. I received this message:

InstanceFoliageActor_0 The total lightmap size for this instanceStaticMeshComponent was too big and it was automatically reduced. Consider reducing the component’s lighting resolution or number of mesh instances in this component.

if I can’t compile on my machine we’re screwed. Is there any way to resolve critical, machine stalling error short of upgrading my computer and removing the trees and grass?

My system:
Intel i5 4690
32GB memory
2T storage
nvida Gfroce 750 ti

Any advice on this issue would be very helpful.

Well, just based off of the error message, how many foliage instances are in your foliage actor?

Thanks for the quick response!

There were 16 errors total. I assume one for each statement, I’m fairly sure, but not entirely certain, that they were related to tree’s as the addition was the start of a forest.

If you have a very large map then you should consider using dynamic lighting instead. Using baked lighting can be an issue for large maps not only for the problem of rendering but also for the amount of storage space that the lightmaps will require.

After reading a bunch I better understand what you’re saying. I’ll check with the designer who placed the forest and make the appropriate changes. Hopefully that will resolve the matter. While I could, I’d really rather not spend several hundred dollars upgrading my system.

I revisit this thread whether or not it works.