When blocking, the player not walking/run

when the character moves it slides not walk or run
so…is there a solution?

Hey there again @anonymous_user_3315e26f! So a bit further in that tutorial series the author goes over blending. This is applicable to all of your top/bottom split animations. Hope this helps!

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I used that tutorial but the result is still the same.


Hey @anonymous_user_3315e26f,

What is more important is your animation blueprint, rather than just the montage, in this instance.

  • What does your animation blueprint where you implemented this look like?
  • Are you using your running or your block as your base pose? The base pose should be your running/idle and your layered pose (the second slot) should be your block.

Here is another non-Epic affiliated video that goes into even more detail on how to use the “Layered Blend Per Bone” node:

I hope the above provides the solution you are looking for.


Hey @anonymous_user_3315e26f,

Where does your block feed into the blendspace you have created? Can you share that with us as well? So far you have only linked your locomotion twice into your blendspace which you would not need and is redundant.

That bottom slot in layered blend per bone should be for your block, not your locomotion. Did you follow all the steps contained in the previous videos?

Any additional specifics and info you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem!

sorry I didn’t upload at here. The blocking I do in player blueprint

I did but somehow it’s to complicated and I feel like it is not related to the thing I want.

Hey @anonymous_user_3315e26f!

So a big thing here is that you are not blending your block animation with your locomotion animations. If you do not blend those two, you will never block while running/walking. Your current setup only plays, and will only play, an animation montage, and will never combine with any other animation unless you properly blend them.

You you want your block or attack to play while your lower half is running, it is exactly what you want. Here is an even more direct non-Epic affiliated setup video that goes over the setup without the concepts:

I hope the above helps clear things up for you!

I remove the upper slot as you say and for locomotion below, I leave it.
I test it, it does not slide.
It work!
I believe there is no way to put montage in BP Animation. If I put blendspace that means should I change the player’s crouch blueprint?

Edit: I shouldn’t remove the upperslot because it cancels some animation.
Edit 2:

I put the state but the result still same