When are you going to support Linux?

The results of the my profile link are as follows -

It looks not in the slightest like your attached picture. I can’t even see where that Icon should be but isn’t.

I received the email telling me that I have connected my account successfully -

Apparently I’m supposed to receive an email from Github but that hasn’t happened.

Sorry for being a beginner but I’ve read all the docs, linked my github account to unreal account having back the confirmation emails, I’ve created in git my token, but when trying to
git clone --branch ue5-early-access
the answer is
fatal: repository ‘’ not found
also cannot find out in git the organizations like in Jimbohalo10 images posted, even having done the connection steps regulary.
can you please explain in simple steps how a normal able linux user should install UE?:slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it’s not us. The instructions are correct - the system is currently broken. More here-

I been using Unreal Engine in Linux for years, Runs super and very stable for me.
Once you get the install figured out once it’s easy to update, or to move to a new machine and updated OS is super simple, Just moved my Unreal engine folder to the new ssd and ran the then in the root folder it was ready to go on my new system.

I might have time to do a video of the process this weekend, I’ll post it to my Minds account if i do there are a few users there asking for a tutorial as well. My time is tight these days so don’t “expect” me to get it done but i will try.

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Hi @peteeepops,
The problem now is has been fixed.
This issue was resolved around 12:00am EDT on Friday August 20

The instructions on what to do are in the posting No invitation E-Mail after linking Github with Epic Games Acc to join organization [RESOLVED] - Development Discussion / Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums

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Except they don’t give you access to the marketplace, so even stuff you might have paid for can’t be downloaded.

Going to try one of the kludges to get access but judging by the comments is questionable weather they work and Epic keep breaking them.

So my original question still stands. It’s nice and all that Epic allow us to scrabble around and kinda kludge it together enough to work, but when are they actually going to SUPPORT us?

Installing the Launcher/Markerplace works via Lutris

So, you can’t run the launcher in a virtual machine, it insists that your graphics card is not supported, so that option is out.

1.5GB of downloads to run a 54m exe WTF?

Reason is that Linux needs to become more mainstream by making one desktop known everywhere(Ubuntu tries that currently) and simple people should not be scared with terminals and almost everything should be doable with GUI. I have heard tons of stories when simple persons searched help and faced people who told to enter million terminal commands and so on…

I really would love to ditch Windows and i even use Ubuntu on laptop, but until Linux wont become mainstream then i am forced to use Windows on desktop PC. I am glad that Vulkan for graphics starts to become standard, this is one small step among others.

In Lutris I adjusted launcher configuration by enabling DXVK on “Game options” tab and switching Vulkan ICD loader to Auto on “System options” tab. It even runs Windows 4.26 version with this settings. :open_mouth:

Or is Linux not popular on the desktop because developers refuse to support it? Chicken or egg?

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I may have to bite the bullet and try Lutris, I’ll need a day or so to download it though. What a farce Epic is.

Linux support my ■■■■…

Linux has to stop being split in 1000 versions before it can become mainstream. It’s nearly impossible to ship software to it that just works in the way you can on windows.


One word Flatpak.
Thats the great thing about open source there is something for everyone.

Funny how thousands of open source applications manage to do just that. This is just FUD spread by people who don’t use Linux. Stop it.

If I ever manage do download a flatpak that isn’t flaky and doesn’t crash I might agree with you. So far its utter ■■■■.

Got any examples and details on how they managed to do it? Something that requires manually prepared packages for different versions of linux is obviously disqualified.

I’ve been trying to package something for linux and getting it to work for anything other than ubuntu has been very frustrating so far.

What is really needed is an open source or cross platform Launcher / Marketplace, regardless of OS.