When are the UDK forums going to be back online?

I know about the ´´incident´´ but isnt it taking a litle too long?(unless it was something realy bad).In the work in progress there are still 6-7 games being updated(one mine).

I hope you get them running again soon.

missing them as well ._.

me too

after a year wasted on ue4/unity, getting back into udk i sometimes forget something and search for the answer (more often than not from myself) on the udk forum.
even the archive has gone.

is all that knowledge lost for ever?

Atleast, there are 3rd party archives for websites :slight_smile:

With all the answered questions and tutorials the UDK forums had, it was a real gold mine ! I hope epic games won’t give up the UDK forums because of the hack by letting it “on maintenance” for ever.

I wonder if I should try to save and host the most valuable users’ post and content on my website since I have a lot of free spaces right now…

It should be about a week or so guys, so sorry for the inconvenience!

Not working for me, anyone else give this a try?*/

Go here: Wayback Machine select date of backup, for example June 27, wait for redirection. I hope it will work for you too :slight_smile: But probably you can open only old posts but there is another solution. You can google required topic and then click on small green arrow near link and open page from google’s memory.

Webarchive only seems to offer a cache of the main top-level threads. Once you click on an underlying post you’re out of luck :–
“Hrm. Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.”

Google’s Cached links are better, but still hit and miss because of the limited available dates.

There is a wealth of knowledge on the old forums. Some info is still applicable to the new engine or contains generic game ideas that still apply.

[FONT=Arial Black]Developers could use a permanent backup to this great resource. Anyone at Epic listening…?

Hi Flak,
Thanks for the update. Glad to see that Epic is restoring the old forum.

I really hope the forum will be back as soon as possible. I didn’t realize how reliant I was on it until it was down. Thanks for working to fix it epic. Any updates on progress and when we can expect it back up?

Thanks in advance.

All my support here. When U4 was released for free, I was in the middle of my game development with UDK. I won’t migrate to U4 until I finish it and UDK forum is one of the most important tools I had to help with the development. All my questions were answered there, or at least, in a quicker way. I missed it so much…

@Flak, is there any update on the status of the UDK forums? Myself (and I’m sure many more) are in urgent need of the information contained in the forums.

Sorry, It’s taking longer than expected. We hope to have them online sometime this week. I wish I had better news!

Thank you for keeping us posted.

ive tried the link nonder posted and it gives the main screen,but its not working right.

some of the threads indicate that I posted as recently as yesterday,which I havnt.

@661gaz, the only way i’m able to access content in the forums is just google cached pages:

Not all pages are cached though :frowning:

Lets hope they get the forums back up asap.

I forgot that changing passwords can be hassle if you use a fingerprint scanner:p

still its nice to see the old forum again:)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the UDK forums are back up again. We apparently updated one of the threads on this topic, but not this one. Sorry about that.