When applying BP examples for Mouse Drag Control, movement is erratic

I used the standard mouse control example with the spheres and cube. The basic movement works fine, but when used on another level, with orthographic view, the dragging tends to skip badly when dragging up and right, towards the background of the level geometry, but smooth when towards the camera and left. I am seeking a way to keep the object being dragged oriented towards the viewer and move smoothly during the drag.


While dragging, the token pawn keeps jumping back to a point near world center, rather than stay under the mouse cursor. It also seems as though the movement is more reliable when moving more slowly.

The final result should be tokens snapping to the grid squares (centered) when released, and smoothly dragged across the surface of the plane when clicked and dragged.

Does it work fine if you use perspective and not orthographic?

No, I have just changed the camera type to test, and the result was the same.