When all events have been completed, do something

Hello guys!

So I come from CryEngine 3, there we have “Logic:All” node, which triggers when all the actions (events) have been met. I had a lot of trouble finding this here in Unreal Engine. I’m looking something like a Sequence node, but has multiple inputs and only one output.

I just want to make an event triggered, when all the requirements have been met for it (in my case, when I pick up all objects).

I’m not sure if there is an exact analog to what you are looking for.

If i understand your particular situation what you could do is for the item class (or blueprint), have a property bIsCollected. Depending where you want to check, probably a character class , Get all actor of class (APickUpItem) , loop through all of them an check bIsCollected =True.

Now i wouldn’t do this on Tick (it wouldn’t be efficient ), but you could do this check everytime you pickup an item have it check then.

I don’t know if there is such a node,
You could just work this around by adding a bool to every event that gets set to “true” after the event has been fired, and if ALL those booleans are “true” you could enter another event or anything really, just use the AND boolean to connect all to one IF statement.
A bit more hassle but should give the same result, and you can set all the bools to false after the last event has been fired, if you want to to be able to redo your event chain

I was also thinking it that way, but got stuck at adding a bool to every event, and couldn’t find a converter.

EDIT: I found a workaround with node “FlipFlop”

If there’s someone else with similiar problem, this is how you make it work.

Thank you for your help!