When actor hits trigger box, move and hold actor in the centre of that trigger box

Hi all,

I’m new to Unreal and trying something slightly audacious (I’m sorry if this has posted twice!). So, similar to something the Gravity Gun can do in Half Life 2, I want an actor, in my case a “fireball”, to move slowly to the centre of a trigger box and stop when it collides with said trigger box. When the fireball collides with the trigger, I then want something to happen (a door to open, something to move etc).

In Half Life 2, you can pick up energy orbs and shoot them at “sockets” (we can call them locks) (not the same sockets that Unreal uses) and they stick into them and unlock something/move something etc.

I’ve been looking up for and I’ve found many different things that may help but none have so far.

So far, I have a blueprint for my socket where when the fireball (Fireball_BP) overlaps with Sphere (this is the trigger box), I want the fireball to move to the centre of the sphere (here indicated by a target point). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work and I’m at a bit of a loss!

If you need any more information, please ask!

Thank you so much in advance!