Wheels inside my main body vehicule

I am very new in the engine, and discovering everything… I’am really amazed by what I see but I have a huge issue. after working on it alone for two days I decided to come and ask for help.

I followed all tutorials about vehicule and read quite a lot of documentation about it… still I am facing a strange problem.

Here is the screen shot:

My wheels are inside not in the right place, it’s like the engine is asking me to provide some offset or I don’t know what… I haven’t seen this problem anywhere and in the tutorial, I have not been told to offset anything.

I can see the wheel spining so it works and the representation you see on the screenshot was provided by the “pxvis collision” command

I restarted the vehicule manipulation in different ways with different meshes and I always come to this issue.
Would this be due to the fact that my wheels are not the same size? front and back on a forklift are different so I try to match that.

My bones are correctly link I think, my “editable poly” wheels are linked to my body wich is on the zero zero zero axis in 3dsMax

And they are all facing the x direction

My wheels are kinematic in the physics asset… I really followed the tutorial point by point…
I am sure there is something I do incorrectly since this problem happens over and over again…

Any ideas?

thanks a lot for your help.

Double check everything in this checklist from this post 3ds max car to unreal help please - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hello, thank you for your answer,

Yes, everything is as told… I even put a cube in unity to check if the size is the same than in max and yes, it’s perfect.
I just reinstalled max 2015 with fbx 2014… no improvement.

So I decided I would simplified the model even more! So 4 boxes for wheels and 1 for body (converted to poly with reset x form blablabla)… still not working.
I attach that fbx to this post… if someone can check… it really is 5 box without nothing else…

This is horrible… because this is my first contact with unreal and it feels really messy… But the good point is that I m started to get a lot of knowledge through this issue… so if I can resolve it… that’s kinda good :wink:

I read somewhere that offseting the wheel in the vehiclemovement controller fixes that issue… But I would like to know what that option will bring to me later… will that offset be a huge pain for all the physics after? What’s that option for in the first place?
I want to create a simple forklift game, not even a game, just the mechanics around the forklift to have a good idea of animation and physics in unreal.
Yes I can tweak the offset in the vehicle controller to match my model and correct the problem… but that workflow doesn’t feel right, I 'd like to know what’s wrong because I really think that even if it works with that hack, this problem will come back and hunt me later :wink: So I hope we’ll find a fix…

That is advanced stuff to start with, not simple :wink:

Yes Luftbauch, but I come with a “decent” background in c++, sdl then some unity… I think i really understand all the main concepts and I have all the documentation to achieve that goal.
Now, I often found that personally, I learn better setting myselft one difficult goal that takes time to master rather than a lot of easy goals…

I left unity to try unreal mostly for the vehicle physics, even if they both use PHYSX I feel like unreal tackled it better… it sucks to hit the wall with a wheel problem again…

You lucky one ^^.
I told that with “not easy”, because it is not the first time i follow such topic here.
There is some info about similar setup and even advanced stuff for you.

For the wheelstuff i would search for Google
I use Blender only, sry.
At first picture, car is floating, because of capsule colli compo. Use sphere (colli) instead, in correct size.

Well thank you for your link, I’ve read a lot of those before because I didn’t want to bother you before doing a lot of research.
About the wheel, yes capsule are not ideal but honnestly reading everyone’s post about that I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter since they are kinematic and “ignored” by the engine. But anyway on my last attempt I made all with simple cube turned into editable poly and the problem remain the same with cubic collision box, so I m quite sure my issue doesn’t lay there.

Thank you for your link about the advanced setup that seems really interesting and I can’t wait to dive into that part :stuck_out_tongue: but right now my focus is simple, first I use the adv vehicle blueprint and tweak it to have a perfect forklift driving feel. I did that, so I jumped to the next step: restart a new blueprint and have that behaviour on a personal meshes with different data in mass and shape. This I didn’t succeed… so I won’t go further until that is fixed. That’s how I learn and that’s how I usually have good and solid knowledge about a topic.

Thank you anyway… I hope someone from unreal will see this post because there are a lot of post about this specific case and nobody seems to have fixed it without using the “offset hack”… I learned the hard way in previous software that that kind of hack on the start of the project could become a huge issue later, so I really try to nail this down properly. Now if someone tells me that this offset option has been specifically made to prevent this issue with 3DSMax eporting (for example) then I will embrace that solution and start working on the next step…


I haven’t touched the “adv vehicle” much so I don’t know all the headaches but adv vehicle is double wishbone and requires more effort to setup. I suggest trying the basic vehicle first. It was pretty straight forward for me to setup and I could easily help you if you run into problems.

Set the wheels physic to sphere. Set the “suspension” in the wheels blueprint to a smaller value so as not to make a floating forklift.