Wheeled vehicles: Motorbike causes editor crash

I’ve set up a vehicle with a skeletal mesh, skeleton (made up of a root and 4 wheels), physics asset (with bodies on all bones), animation blueprint, wheel blueprints, tire data. Basically, everything that the tutorials says you need for a vehicle. Due to what I have read about the VehicleMovementComponents, I decided to add four wheel joints to my motorbike (front_L, front_R, rear_L, rear_R). Each wheel mesh is skinned to both left and right bones, although we’ve tried skinning each wheel to just one bone too.

Once my bike has been set up and I’ve begun to test it, I keep getting a crash with a few seconds of playing the game from the editor. My crash report reads like this:

I’m guessing that something is fighting when I’m trying to rotate the wheels for movement, but I’m not very technical so I’m having difficulty finding out exactly what the problem is. Any suggestions?