Wheeled Vehicles Bugged?

Lately I have been working on importing a ZIS-5 truck to get used to the process of importing wheeled vehicles. And I got a rough setup working, which looked like this;

I had the idea to try to repeat the same process, but instead with a tank. And I have been working on rigging a SU-122 for testing purposes. I have everything set up like before, did it the same way - but instead this time with 7 wheels on each side, 14 in total.

No matter how I set this up, I can’t get it to work in any way. I can’t increase throttle, I can’t steer or anything. Changing the shape radius of the wheels has absolutely no affect whatsoever. Literally none of the values are working.

I haven’t got the slightest clue what’s happening since setting up the ZIS-5 was relatively straightforward. Any ideas?

A screenshot to visualize the issue I am having;


I’ve tried re-skinning the tank, I’ve tried doing everything from scratch. No matter what, I can’t get it to work. I was hoping that changing the shape radius of the wheels would at least have a visual impact - but it does not. I really can not figure out why this is happening, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have set up the BP for increasing throttle as well as steering, neither of which works. The wheels are not rotating either along X or Y axises.


I can confirm that it’s something to do with the Wheel Setup. I can have 4 wheels on the left side working, if I add another one - neither of them will work. Is this a limitation or a bug?


I can confirm yet again that if you try to add more than 4 wheels, the entire thing breaks. Since the documentation states that should you need more wheels - you can add them, I recommend this is updated since this seem to be false. :frowning:


Did some more research on this and it seems like only 4 wheeled vehicles are currently supported via blueprints. And you can create a filthy workaround using animations, but this is but a visual workaround - and doesn’t actually simulate anything.

Seems like the only solution to have more than 4 wheels is by C++. Oh well…

Hello Dealman,

I took a read over our Vehicle User Guide on the Documentation site and attempted to find some extra information on adding more than 4 wheels to your vehicle. It does seem the documentation could use some additional information when adding/using more than four wheels. With that being said, I have made sure to add community interest to a JIRA we have in our system that suggests additional documentation on creating different vehicle types and the specifics behind their set ups.

Thank you for taking the time to make this post as it helps increase our users experience with the Engine.


Andrew Hurley

I have the same problem, but with a bus six wheels. Why the documentation states that only need to add to have more wheels? What users can do to create more than four wheeled vehicles? Sorry about my English.