Wheeled vehicle works in physics asset, but not in viewport

Hi. I have problems that still don’t know how to fix. Because my whole task of the game requires you to get to work quickly (On car) it is vital that it is fixed. I have followed this :Vehicles: Overview & Car Setup | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
but the car won’t move. Also, the car physics works in the Physics Asset (Well, the wheels roll the car away) but in the viewport, the wheels don’t seem to collide. I have a BP in my game that lets the character possess the car, so that may be something to do with it. I’ve looked into the other answers, but I just can seem to get it working. I’ve modeled my car in Maya, (Its a low - poly style game, so excuse the lack of decent graphics) .

Here are screenshots :



It looks like you did not export the car correctly, that is why it is not working.

What would I need to do to export it correctly? Update : when I set the wheels on “Simulated” they actually collide correctly, but the wheels fall off. Also, I have fixed the wheels moving in all directions.

Before exporting the fbx did u make sure to parent all 4 wheel meshes to the base car mesh. If you do not parent the wheels to the main vehicle then the position of the wheels won’t automatically update with the car.

Yes, I have done this and it still does not work.

Follow closely to how he exports his vehicle in this video:

It is important that you export the car properly by updating its location and rotation. If you are using blender as well, make sure that when exporting you set X as forward and Z as up. Making sure your car is facing the X direction as well.

I prefer to use Maya, as I have little understanding of blender. Is there any video like this but uses Maya instead?