Wheeled vehicle getting no input at all

Hello there ue4 users,

I have been trying to get a wheeled vehicle to work now for 3 days.
It seems that everything is setup as it should. But when i press play and i try to move with the wasd keys which i have configured nothing happens. Not even the input events are firing.

also this is what i get in the output log:
LogPawn:Error: Enable Input can only be specified on a Pawn for its Controller

Also i have made sure he was possessed and that the input was enabled.

Maybe it has to do with the fact i’m trying to create a 12 wheel vehicle.

I have no idea what is going wrong.
Could someone help me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

Can you show us your Blueprints?
Maybe there is a wrong connection…

These are the blueprint that are setup, the other fields where just filling in.

If there is something specific that you want to see, i will try to give the information.

I have two more questions:

  1. Is your vehicle a wheeled vehicle pawn?
  2. Have you changed the engine to support a vehicle with more than two axis?
    If not, test your vehicle with just two axis, delete the third in your 3d software and import it in the engine and check if this works.

1 Yes it is a wheeled vehicle pawn. 2 i will try this right now

I have just check if there was input, and the input module is firing, but still no movement.

Maybe you want to check out this one here:

I was also looking for a more than two axis vehicle and stumbled over this one here…

Not sure if this will help me, because there are some custom movements i will have to implement that are maybe not possible in this system.

Hi ,

In case you are using BP to possess the car, could you try to just remove the related BP, spawn directly a car in the scene and in the details set Auto Possess Player to Player 0


Also you can check if the wheels orientation are correct by using: “pxview collision” in the console and “showdebug vehicle”

Hope it helps.

Now my vehicle is flying of with a high velocity. Maybe there is something wrong with the physics colliders.

Yes, check the physic assets. This normally happen with two components in the BP trying to fill the same space.

Check if the tires aren’t intersecting with you chassis and check if they have enough room in the housing to rotate

Can you tell me if the colliders that might be generated by the importer also affect how it handels the wheels

Well i figured out that there was something wrong with the wheels.They detach and fly away when simulating.

what colliders do you have on the wheels? A standart sphere should work.

I have the standart sphere on them, they are kinematic

do you want to provide me with your vehicle assets so I can test them on my side?

Here are is the setup i’m using, many thanks for looking in to it

Try to use just 4 wheels. If this works the problem lies on the amount of wheels your vehicle has right now.
Try to combine the wheels on the same suspension. Try this blockout how I have done it (I just added the cylinders, you would need to to all the rigging stuff…)

Still tipping over, and no movement. i’m thinking that this system is not going to work at all for my purpose.

Yes indeed, this machine has some key movements that is has to be able to reproduce.

hmm maybe you are right :confused: I’m not that deep into the vehicle stuff, especially into multiple wheels.
What special movements do you want to have? Do you want to drive sideways?