Wheeled Vehicle: Forklift -> Forks doesn't collide with static objects

I try to implement my forklift into Unreal Engine. I use the “Wheeled Vehicle” Blueprint. The most functions already working, but the mast and forks doesn’t collide with all static objects where the physics are disabled. These parts of the forklift are in the Physics Asset set to “Physics Type”: kinematic. This is the only way to move these parts with keys. Collisions with parts where the physics are enabled works. You can get more informations about my project through the video and pictures.

I hope someone has a solution to this problem.



First off, nice work!

I took a look at your video, and I’m guessing the problem is in collision with the shelves. The collision between the shelves and the boxes and the palettes look like they are working fine. Also, it loos like the palettes and boxes are colliding with the forklift. It just seems like the issue is between the shelves and the forklift.

Are the shelves set to moveable? If they are static, then maybe change those to moveable.


Thank you! Yes, I have set the shelves to moveable, it works. The pallets and boxes works fine, because the physics are enabled.
But what can I do with the floor, walls and anything else? These elements are static in the world.

do your spikes not have collision on them?
If they do, you shouldn’t be able to overlap anything else that has collision appropriately set… if they don’t… just add an extra collision on them, separate from the kinematic ones?

The forks and all other moveable parts in the front have collisions, which you can see in the pictures. I think there is a coherence with the physics type kinematic. But when it is not set to kinematic, the parts are not moveable or swinging around each bone.

I have the forklift imported through 3ds max as FBX, and added separat a collision mesh to these “kinematic” parts.

I’m saying “add Extra” non kinematic collision boxes/spheres/whatever in PHAT.
I do have my “if they do and if they don’t inverted” in the sentence above.

It is not possible to choose the physics type for single collisions of a part. When I add extra collisions to the part and change only the physics type of them, the whole part changes the type.

I have set all physics types to default like the coherence between the body and the wheels and also set all constraints between the parts which I need. Now I can’t move these parts with my keys, but all parts collide and moving because of the gravity. I think the only thing I need is a configuration in my animation BP which handle the parts. For the wheels there is the “Wheel Handler”… But I don’t get it what I must do for the other parts. I have uploaded a video of it.

Ok. pathway B - and you can post it later in the “weirdest use for sockets” section.

Add 2 sockets to each fork, and in BP attach a collision box to the socket.
see if that works…
You probably need sockets there somewhere anyway