hi everyone

im a design student and for my final projet i wanted to do a game about wheelchair users. to be more specific it is a wheelchair simulation. my aim is creating this kind of game for to showing how hard a life can be with wheelchair.

im just starting the project my question is it possible to do this project without knowing codes. i can use 3dmax and cinema4d can i put the models that i created in these program to unreal engine?

ps:sorry for raw language i hope i did explain it clearly.

and this project will be play with vr boxes

Sure, it’s possible to do using Blueprints (visual scripting), but you still have to learn what nodes are available, what they do, etc. So if you’ve dabbled in UE4 before (specifically blueprints), you may have some idea what to expect, but if you haven’t, you’re going to have to spend some time learning. Alternatively, if you know C++, you could go that route, but you mentioned doing so without coding. Definitely check out the Learn Tab on the UE4 launcher and the Unreal Engine YouTube channel for some tutorials. It also doesn’t hurt to play around with the Blueprint starter templates included with UE4.

And yes, of course, you can export your models into .FBX format and import into UE4.

Good luck with your final project! :smiley:

There’s a lot of questions online about “can I do this or that without coding?”

Truth is, you have to know how to “program”, regardless of what you want to create. Being able to “write code” (via C++) is one thing, being able to program is another. You can build your app in UE4 without knowing how to write C++, but you will still need to know how to program via Blueprints, which is a visual scripting language. To get something to work, you have to program logic into the game.

For your game, you want to be able to use VR to sit in a wheelchair, ride around a space (i.e. maybe a house?), and probably interact with “stuff” (i.e. able to open doors, pickup things, etc.)
You need to be able to program all that logic with Blueprints. How does the wheelchair work? What button or control do you use to move the wheelchair? How does it turn? How do you interact with doors? Objects? When the game begins, is there a main menu? Is there a menu that pops up when you pause the game? If so, what’s in the menu? How’s it work?
You answer all of these questions by designing systems that work together; this is called game logic. You are literally (and painstakingly) telling the game engine how your entire world works, from beginning to end. The ability to program, is the ability to write all of this logic. Normally, a programmer will do this via C++, but with Blueprints, you can “write” all the logic via Blueprints, instead of C++.
So you see, you still have to know how to program a game/logic in order to create your app. Hope that makes sense.

thanks for your comments. im watching a lot of tutorials and they help so much. learning the program is easier instead of learning the coding. And my teacher said that he is going to help me if i face with coding:)

Programming isn’t hard to learn. Its time consuming to learn. Every language has Variables, Functions, Loops, If Statements, and Statements. Learning how to decipher one language will greatly increase the chances you’ll be able to pick up on another. If you do wanna learn coding, I suggest python first, then C++. Python is less about the types of variables then c++ is, and its alot cleaner to work with. However, C++ is more modern with interfaces and programs all across the www, as well as games.