Wheel Physics Problem

So I’ve got a very interesting problem. I have a very simple vehicle (body and four wheels) that is behaving correctly when simulated under physics. However, when I tie the Bone Names to the wheels in a Wheeled Vehicle Blueprint, the wheels stop colliding, and the car only stops on the physics box for the chassis. Not matter how large or small I set the Vehicle Wheel blueprints, the tires always fall completely through the ground (until the chassis stops it). I know the wheels are assigned to the correct bones, because the wheels spin and turn. Also, when I remove one of the bone names the physics kick back in and that wheel will not go through the ground. Can anyone help?

Edit #1: Also, when I change the Shape Radius to be too large eventually it just kills the blueprint when I have it possessed. But it doesn’t ever seem to impact the physics and help left the chassis off the ground. I have tried both setting it directly on the ground and dropping from the air. Both do the same thing.

Edit #2: Picture of the car in the ground.

same issue