Wheel Handler customization

Hey everyone. I am playing around with some vehicles in unreal using wheelhandler for animation since I am more interested in “arcade style with bit of realism to it” car games. So wheel handler basicaly gives me everything i need. I’ve built also some fancy suspension so it looks nice. everything works great but when I lets say jump with cars to the air using ramp or anything, just so wheels have no ground beneath them they drop instantly. Just in the moment they dont have something to stand on they are immediately dropped to the lowest point they are allowed to drop. That is something I would like to make just a little bit more realistic. So when I jump to the air it will take some time( more than 1 frame of the game) for wheels to drop. Does anyone have any ideas how to slow the drop? I dont want to change code of wheelhandler itself because that is something that is working as it should but if i could change the output with another node created in blueprint or c++ that would be great. I would like to see if anyone has some advice first, before I jump all in trying to solve it. Since I am using the suspension,i can change the duration of my visual wheel following the physical wheel, but it’s just visuals which are good while jumping but wont work when driving through bumps.
Thank you.

in the wheel bp have a look at the suspension section and try tweaking the damping ratio value

Hey there,
I was playing with it a bit but no change, I guess I just leave it as it is. I see what all those ratios are doing to the vehicle but when its in the air it behaves still the same. Also, if I ever will profit with something created via Unreal Engine I think I would have to give you some % as well for that help :D. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

I guess I ll just lower the max drop value so the difference wont be so visible.