Whats Your Story ?

i thought of a video game where you can do story telling and let others play it.
Players can either play an existing story or they can give the same experience they had through the game.
Is it possible ? or is books enough to do that and let our imagination be the only way to visualize and experience it ?
we have experienced alot of story telling in video games but players cant create their own if there is any game that is near to the concept please let me know.

So… players build stories for others to play? Sounds like Minecraft, or any other sort of sandboxy build-a-world-game.
But it looks like you want other players to build… worlds, universes, cultures? Very interesting idea, although idk if it’s possible. Garry’s Mod is kinda like that, kinda.

Otherwise, I’d say what we do here-build games, is pretty much as close as you can get. Mainly cause building from imagination is no easy task and often takes a lot of work, (models, programming) and the “worlds” need to be fun otherwise people wouldn’t play them… (gameplay).

ACTUALLY, Roblox is very very much like this!! Google it up, I had fun playing around in my own world when I was in 6th grade xD

thanks :slight_smile: Roblox is cool :slight_smile:

A game that does this pretty well is Day Z standalone → there are special “roleplay” servers where people develop their own story + when they meet others, their story gets mixed up. (unfortunately those are just temporary stories) :slight_smile:
But it depends on how exactly you want to do it → how should the player create the story?,…

Yeah I think the question isnt about storytelling as opposed to the method of storytelling. Crafting a story just via written words is hard. Really hard. Harder than most people are capable of (hence why very few of us make it as authors). So it has to be far more clever and accessible than only the written word.

minecraft or lego styled visuals(stylized)…they can choose and customize their characters and names…as well as any other living creatures…they can also build creatures…there’ll be some basic tutorials in-game (based on themes like adventure,party,crime scene,love story,one night stands etc. etc.)…i just hit upon this idea when i was watching GTA 5 where you can make movies also Minecraft Story mode by telltale games…and there are various rpg makers that inspired me to build one with more stuffs…as an indie dev i cannot build so many stuffs…though i can program using Blueprint…lets see
i mean it will be like video game styled blogging,social networking where you share your real,imaginary stories etc etc with the world with different/no different outcomes depending upon the game types…and people can wear VR or AR headset and dive into the world you created and it shouldnt take you too long to build it+it should be fun while making it