Whats your favorite space mission/story (fiction acceptable) ?

I am an avid space junkie, and as you might guess - my next game is also taking place in space. In taking this dive though, it occurred to me that there have been quite a few missions IRL, and many more from fiction, and many tastes. As above, what space missions/stories do you enjoy and why?

Cold Math was an interesting one. Pitch Black as well, although as much as I live Vin Diesel and the character of Riddick, everything after Pitch Black got silly as all hell.

Doom’s story was also a favorite of mine, the concept that teleportation isn’t really supposed to be possible, so while achieving it outside of the law, the physics of teleportation allows another dimension (why Hell, of course) to come through. It’s a pity they couldn’t make a brilliant movie with the original story.

Yeah, I turned off the movie when they showd the rocks sweaty back with the “semper fi” tattoo… Too much cheese for anyone to handle…

As for the topic: Event Horizon is pretty good.

I enjoy exploring the unknown, that’s intriguing to me.

Example: Stargate Universe

Also there used to be a show from the late 90’s where humans who were born in a spaceship had to evacuate and locate the nearest planet, which after spending some time there they discover they are not alone.

Basically visiting other worlds more than playing hide-n-seek in the spaceship (event horizon)

What I really like is discovering civilizations, ancient ruins, history, etc. I couldn’t care less for characters involved in it.
I also like mixing sci-fi with well call it fantasy, like Warhammer 40k or Destiny, and also discovering ancient civilization, although now with more mystical twist in it, which makes it even more interesting.
I really don’t like when people are trying to make space exploration uhm… realistic, since they know so little of it, and by extansion humanize to the where it just become silly.

I like Star Trek, StarGate (all of them), and Battlestar Galactica.

I think you are talking about it:

Lol. I must admit that when I watched it (I think I as 6 or 7), that series sometimes really scared me :D.

Been looking for that haha thnx

Earth 2 is kinda neat, its on Netflix and although one of the episodes has an issue with the audio sync its still a fun watch.

Earth Above and Beyond is another really interesting futuristic space/military themed show. I don’t think I ever got through that one.

Forgot to mention Lexx, the best of them all :slight_smile: