What's your biggest problems/missing features with UE?

What’s your biggest problems/missing features with UE?
From engine to editor, UX, code, etc.
Let it all out.

I miss dynamic GI

Render to any window given a window handle (UE4 doesn’t need to create window).
If this feature present, then you can create a world edtor (using external gui like MFC, QT) easily…

I would like to have a real-time game preview in all viewports at the same time. It would allow to see the game from different perspectives during gameplay.

A lot.

  • Dynamic GI
  • A scripting language
  • A clean editor UI (without the heavy outdated look with it’s unnecessary memory usage)
  • A complete weather system, day-night cycle, volumetric clouds/fog.
  • Ocean/Water system

… and much more! :cool:

3 years in, still we have no ‘Make MMO’ button yet!

You’re reading my mind :slight_smile:

I also want that C++ gets more attention. There must be smooth workflow to make everything in C++ without any blueprints (making prefabs only using C++ for example). Not all people like visual scripting. There are some who love typing. Choice must be given.

Dynamic GI (ideally with specular tracing, like VXGI offers, to get better off-screen reflections)
Volumetric lighting
A translucent material setting that has both shadows and highlights
Penumbras on shadowmaps since distance field shadows don’t work on foliage properly
Fog volumes that don’t take up the entire map
A way to use parallax occlusion mapping on terrain effectively (distance culling or just fewer steps over distance)
A networking option that supports smooth host migration for P2P multiplayer
Angle/height masking when manually painting terrain layers (min/max angle, min/max height)
Multithreaded player physics
Thread safe UObject
Geometry Editor 2.0
Better performance on dynamic shadows
Double precision support if a project needs it

Honestly most of the things that people would want in the engine are very well known about by now, it’s just a matter of if/when it’ll happen. Epic’s VR focus has meant that a lot of the rendering features people have been wanting have gone on the backburner for a long time now. Hopefully the engine improvements that have been made for the sake of VR will help offset the performance hit that some of these features may incur in the future.

A good dynamic GI solution and/or a better lightmass baking solution.

Good default or sample content for the following things.

  • PBR water
  • PBR glass
  • Day/Night cycle with sunset/sunrise, latitude/longitude, day/month, etc.
  • Sample/generic option menu with all of the basics

#1. Large World Support:
Beyond what nkey’s origin-rebasing PR brought: Double-precision…
Especially large world support for Local-Multiplayer Split-Screen etc.

#2. Landscapes:
Spherical Terrain… Dynamic Terrain / Runtime changes to Landscapes (LA).

#3. Steam / Hosting:
Steam: Complete but simplified full-Steam interaction via Blueprints alone.
Epic / Tencent hosting with Marketplace expanded to compete with Steam…

But really is there much point to this?
Its just another wishlist like this one.

Actually this thread is not asking for our wishes, it’s asking for our problems. :wink:

  1. Dynamic GI
  2. Volumetric Lighting, Fog and Clouds
  3. Much better performnace in dynamic lighting
  4. More options when it comes to Antialiasing

I would like more and easier Replicated stuffs ,
like easier replicated sounds ,
replicated ragdoll physics ( something like GTA V )
or auto replicated particles , static meshes , would be helpful I think :smiley:

I’m not yet far enough into UE4 to suggest adding feature, But i do think that simplification of the BP system would be ideal for me as a newbie.

These are in my wishlist too and of course Geometry 2.0, nothing can beat realtime model manipulation.

Thread safe UObject (ability for entire UObject beign executed outside of GameThread, not just sometimes Tick function), no double precision coordinates.

Those two are my biggest hurdles. Rest I can slower or faster go about implmeneting my self. To do those two things I know far to little about engine internals to safely modify it.

  • Ability to easily code material shaders directly.
  • Custom grids
  • Prefabs

The lack of a proper CMS and Internet friendly pipeline construction.

TechLord’s WishList:

  1. Native HTTP/S & JSON BP Nodes
  2. Multi-user Level Editing Support in UnrealEd

This stands at #1 for my wishlist!