What's wrong with this?!?

Hi, it’s still me Fiorenzone.
Today I really need your help because UE4 is giving me lot of trouble. I’m just trying to make this model to work but his bones… **** his bones are messed up I can’t even rotate or move of 1 degree his ****** leg or arm or whatever. When I import the model into Maya or 3DS Max it’s all ok I can do what I want, skinning is ok,bones are ok, all the model is ok but when I import it in UE4 all messes up with no reason. It could even be a bug in the FBX Importer or something like that because it’s just a no sense problem. I would be glad If you can check that and tell me if it’s only me or here there’s something wrong in UE4.I tried to remove parts of the mesh, and I also tried to import in UE4 only the arms and the skeleton but nothing changes.

Download here the model: testretro.FBX - Google Drive

This is just a piece of the model but the behaviour is the same of the full model.

fixed with this: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/110482/how-to-solve-warning-imported-bone-transform-is-di.html