What's wrong with my objects?

I modeled these objects and for some reason the material seems to get cut off on these random lines going through my objects.

Pic: Screenshot - 180cb85a35db41235d7d05e9fe11904a - Gyazo

Mesh Editor: Screenshot - c538cc1c68aeb3ad70f839db7d2afed7 - Gyazo

There’s such a huge difference and I’m curious as to why the material cuts off throughout random points of the object. I modeled these in Blender and have a proper UV lightmaps Screenshot - bf8c8100f0cb8382ba4ff7d2b027444e - Gyazo

How can I fix this?

If there’s a UV split, there’s going to be a texture seam, unless the texture and UVs tile correctly or the texture is designed specifically for the model/UVs.

Thank you so much dude. I really appreciate it, turns out it was the lightmap. I simply used the original UV map I made and copied it now it works fine with the seams where people can’t see it like I originally had it laid out in the model editor. Thanks again!