Whats worth checking out in 4.8 ?


I just got a bit curious and compiled the 4.8 version from the master branch :slight_smile:

Now I wonder what new stuff is there to play around with?

The only (new) thing I spotted so far is the “Get Content” entry in the CB menu.

However the corresponding dialog offers verry little…

So what this about and what other goodies are there to discover?


It looks like they only just branched to 4.7 a few hours ago (the next impending release), so I don’t imagine there will be much to see quite yet for 4.8. I’d love to hear what’s planned though!

I don’t want to see that added there unless that ‘Get Content’ is a way to Migrate into a Project from another project rather than having to open another project just to migrate content out of it.
Another words there is already a Market Place Entry at the top of the browser & adding it there in the Content Browser is inappropriate in my opinion.

I’m curious… where are you seeing 4.8? i just got 4.7 in my repo recently, but I don’t see 4.8 listed as a branch or tag.

I downloaded the zip file from the master branch on GitHub and built it.

For the love of the gods, yes.

My guess is it has something to do with this task: Trello

Yes. The plan is for most of the templates to be ‘injectable’ after you’ve already created a project, not only when you are starting the project. This way if you pick 1st person and decide you need 3rd person too later, you don’t have to make a new project and copy-paste stuff across, but can directly add it to the project. They’d still be selectable up front too, but this way you aren’t forced to make the choice so early.

Michael Noland

good one, Michael

great idea and glad to see it, n thx for the reply :wink:


Great :slight_smile: Speaking of templates…

Could there be also an option that evolves a project to a template, making the the manual moving and low-level file hacking process automated?

This way it would be easier to create the templates to add…


Oh my god, usability YEESH

VR Template

Do you know when will UE4 4.8 be released data ?

Yeah would like to know that as well. The Android specific “until UE4.8 there won’t be a way for your app to download the .obb file from Google Play Store” 50MB restriction is kind off bad for me

Things a looking cool down here from 4.6.1 :3

LifeProTip: With unreal engine, if you’re thinking “it’s too good to be true”, then it’s most probably true.