What's up with the pitch for the 'Find Look At Rotation' node

When I use the ‘Find Look At Rotation’ node the pitch is much too low.

I even tried an alternative by subtracting vectors and using the ‘Rotation From X Vector’ node and I had the same results.

Firing projectiles and cannon barrels are all pointing down

Can anyone confirm this happening on another machine?

Hey UNSherman-

How are you setting up your Look At Rotation? I’m able to create an actor that will always face an object in the world by getting the class of the object and setting that as an object reference variable. Then on tick I use Set Actor Rotation with the New Rotation as the Look At Rotation from the node. The start / target for Find Look At Rotation are the locations of the actor / object reference variable respectively. Let me know if this is similar to your setup or if following this setup gives you the behavior you need.



Thank you for the response and your time.

My implementation is much the same although I’m spawn projectiles. I have included the blueprints below. I have tried setting the spawn transform rotation and setting the projectile movement component velocity afterwards as well with consistent results.
Let me stress that Yaw is not a problem, the problem is pitch.

The variable named ‘targeted location’ is set using a line trace, I know it is set because the crosshairs are only drawn when it is set.

Please see the screen shot of the results I am getting, all the shots are falling low. The higher arrow points to crosshairs the lower arrow points to the impact point of the projectile.

Also I have included a picture of a blueprint component that Looks at the Player, this worked in 4.7 now in 4.9 instead of looking at me it tilts down.

Can you explain what your desired outcome is? From what I can tell the Fire Ball spawns at a set distance in front of where ever the player is facing, with a rotation of where the player is in relation to target location (regardless of where the projectile is spawned). If you are trying to get the projectile to face the “targeted location” then it would be best to spawn the projectile first and then use its location rather than the character’s location to determine the Look at Rotation.

I am trying to spawn a projectile in front of the character that will travel in an appropriate direction to reach a given targeted point in 3d space. My problem is that the direction the projectile is traveling does not reach the target.

Today I created a small project that tested the ‘Find Look At Rotation’ node in 4.7. I then cloned the project changed the engine version and opened the same code in 4.9. I am happy to report that the projects executed the same.

I also successfully tested the ‘Find Look At Rotation’ node and the line trace vector to be the same.

I am still having the original issue but I’m fairly sure now it doesn’t lie with the ‘Find Look At Rotation’ node.