What's up with the new CAPTCHA?

I don’t know which is the appropriate sub-forum for this kind of complaints, if a mod sees this, please move it to the appropriate forum if this isn’t it.

What is up with the new CAPTCHA?! Epic went from having the best CAPTCHA on the internet (the one in which you have to rotate the image) to having the stupidest one I’ve experienced thus far on the entirety of the internet.

It took me about 30 mins. to log in today because I couldn’t figure out in time which dices added up to 14. I am dyslexic, reading dices and adding quickly isn’t my strong suit. At the end my girlfriend had to help me and we had to do it together. If it didn’t have time it would be bearable, but the timer made it very uncomfortable and impossible for me to pass.

I use Brave, don’t store cookies and have a VPN, I have to do a CAPTCHA every time I sign in. Please, Epic, use a CAPTCHA that humans can use. I mean, I rather you didn’t use any, but if you’re going to use them, please don’t have me trying for 30 minutes to log into my account.


VPN’s aside, what part of the world are you living in dude, if you feel like saying?
The forums are mostly deserted so it’d be better to email Epic staff directly here
Most likely this is happening because Epic are using browser fingerprinting tech. :wink:

Yes, the dice captcha is the most stupid captcha I’ve seen, ever.

It has time limit, 9 challenges(you what?) and in some of them(all of dice) don’t even add to 14, so there is no right answer(lmao). I’ve spent like 20 minutes trying to login into the Epic launcher: it logged me off for no reason, then I decided to just launch it without logging it, and then after I launched it without logging in, I tried to log in again and it didn’t give me the captcha.

I’ve followed up on this and learned that the dice was an unintentional and short lived issue. It stemmed from an update from a vendor and has since been resolved.


Thank you Stephen for following up. The Dice CAPTCHA is gone, however, the current CAPTCHA in which you have to select the correct items (e.g. planes, cars, etc) is unsolvable at the moment. I’ve used the same CAPTCHA in other websites and it works fine, but here it isn’t working at all. I’ve spent the last 30 mins. trying to log in through Brave and I gave up and logged in with Firefox. It seems like your CAPTCHA tech is using fingerprinting like UnrealEnterprise said, but I have no problem doing CAPTCHAS for other websites using Brave.

It can be inferred from my first post that I appreciate my privacy on the internet, could it be possible to log into my Epic account using a browser that respects my privacy? It would be truly appreciate it if that is the case.

I’m in North America.

Thank you for the info. I think that seems to be the issue, yeah.

Hey @AlexTamayo,

I was able to review your login traffic and identified why you’re getting such a hard time in Brave. It looks like you’re using an older version that actually has a bug in the fingerprint protections that has since been fixed. As a result, your traffic looks way more suspicious than it should on our end. I was able to sign in without any visual challenge using the latest version of Brave with aggressive tracker/ad blocking and strict fingerprinting blocking. I also made some adjustments to prevent this bug from fully blocking the login process (you’ll still likely get visual challenges).

I would highly recommend updating your browser to the latest version, that should resolve all your issues. Please let us know if you continue to experience difficult challenges.

Security Engineer