Whats up with the email in my forum account? Epic account is all fine

So, my epic account has my email, and everything’s in order there,… but I noticed that I dont get any notification from the forum… so checked my profile and got this weird email adress here:

How to fix this? Am I the only one having this issue?

Cheers P.


Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have the same problem. Weird e-mail address listed, and no e-mail notifications to my actual e-mail on file with Epic Games.

Same here, weird email and no notifications despite the fact I’m “watching” some threads and email preferences are “always send”

hey,. unfortunately not,…, didn’t even get a notification that somebody replied, so, still persists :smiley:

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Whaaaattt!!! Just got a notification on my Email in this very Second,… No idea what happend, but everything is now in order :sunglasses::thinking:

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@Doug_Richardson sent me a PM notifying me about the issue - the engineers were able to find the issue and fix it sometime yesterday.

Thanks for the reports everyone!


@VictorLerp could this be a general issue with new users? I also seem to have this kind of invalid email in my profile.

Can you fix that or some other moderator?

Thank you!

The listed email is working as intended as we don’t share the email associated with your Epic Games account with Discourse. The notification issue was fixed a while ago.

Thanks for the clarification! Much appreciated!

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