Whats up with all the F bombs?

So I’m watching the panel discussions from GDC this year and it seems that in EVERY video someone just has to drop the F bomb.

Now I’m not a prude and not above dropping a good F bomb in the right place to punctuate but it seems like the powers that be told someone to go ahead and use potty mouth.

Not necessary and just like the Wilhelm scream I can not enjoy the presentation until they get the anticipated bomb out of the way.

P.S. I think next year I’ll attend GDC with Soap on a Rope. :smiley:

It’s been mentioned before, but for the most part it’s a cultural difference; people only seem particularly sensitive to the use of bad language in an all-adult environment in North America. In the UK people are much less sensitive, and in the rest of the world it’s a word that’s frequently used for emphasis.

All I can say is, don’t go to Australia :stuck_out_tongue:

Australia is a %&^%ing beautiful country full or lots of friendly $%@s!

From France, the biiiips in South Park are a perpetual source of F… un :slight_smile:

Don’t go to r/straya either.

Welcome to how normal people talk?

Currently living in Kansas… The F word is used more than the words 'that or ‘the’ it seems down here.

And this is quite the conservative state! But if it is said on TV… OH NO! Think of the kids! Turn that off and protest!
Only for them to blast the same words from their mouths minutes later in front of their kids! :rolleyes:

F is a very versatile word. Gender neutral, non racist, non religious, classless and really when you think about it very PC. Most of the time it can be safely ignored as a superfluous - replace all with nothing. I wouldn’t even think it means any emphasis because typically when a person uses it, they use it all the time - groan. Maybe someone could invent augmented reality headphones that just filter it out (or even add it in - if that rocks your boat).